Lord of Maugersbury Manor, Joseph Chamberlayne Chamberlayne esq., sold Maugersbury Manor in the late 1890`s to fund the building of Fosse Manor Hotel, known at the time as Hyde House. Chamberlayne and his wife Henrietta Catherine, who were both descendants of Edward III King of England, saw Hyde House as a perfect place to improve on their great passion for entertaining, and as such required a property grand enough to do so. Completed in 1901 as per the family coat of arms above the front door, Hyde House fitted the bill.

The Chamberlayne`s had five children, four girls and a boy. Two of the girls: Henrietta-Catherine Elizabeth and Theopania-Caroline Elizabeth died as infants, the two other girls were Lavinia -Frances Elizabeth and Blanche-Frances Elizabeth. Their son has the rather dubious honour of being the first member of the Stow community to fall during the First World War, at the age of just 17.

The Town cross in the market place in Stow on the Wold has a plaque remembering Mr Chamberlayne, who in 1871 donated £2000 to the town so a deep well could be bored to provide the Town with fresh water.

The House remained a private residence until the 1950`s, when it was changed into a nursing home. It was empty at that point, but owned by the same people who owned Quarwood on the hill behind the Hotel. The hotel was close to being levelled as it "spoiled" the view from Quarwood!

Since the late 1950`s the Fosse Manor has been a Hotel, owned for 30 of those years by one family.